JUAN the chef 👨‍🍳. He came to Edinburgh in 2003 from Andalusia, and worked as a chef in different, not only Spanish restaurants across the city. He has real passion for cooking, for him happy customers and positive feedback are the best reward 🥇.
MONIKA, the assistant/admin/delivery driver 👩 She has full time job which she loves and always repeats she only helps Juan. She gives all her heart to make customers happy. She is originally from Poland but speaks Spanish. So you can practice español 🇪🇸 when food is delivered.
IAN, helper. Ian shows the passion for cooking. He develops his own recipes using veggies 🥕 grown in his garden. He tries to convince Juan to introduce home-made butter (the recipe of his teacher, Mr E.) to the menu 📝, and says it would give a real boost to the business.
SOPHIE, pan collector. She is the biggest fan of Juan’s food, with payeya 🥘being her favourite. She is the real threat to the business as looking to spend all profit on dolls, clothes and glitter 🎎. She loves to help collecting pans from customer’s doorsteps.


Our premises were inspected by Midlothian Council in accordance with current food hygiene legislation and passed the inspection.